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Accelerate your data journey

We scope, build and manage data products that give superpowers to business teams


Our Services

Our objective is to maximize the ROI of your data & AI projects

Data Team
As a Service

We act as an on-demand data team that covers Data Engineering, Analytics and Data Science. We scope, build and manage your data platform and products 

Relevant for :


 Organisations who don't have yet a data team and are interested in starting fast while decreasing their data investment risk 

Data Product Management

We bridge the gap between data professionals and business teams. We act as Product Manager, Product Owner or Analytics Translator



Relevant for :


 Organisations who already have a data team and would like to significantly increase the chances of success of their data projects

Shopify Solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for Shopify brands that help them solve specific business problems. Imagine a SaaS-like experience that can be customised to your own needs


Relevant for :


 Growing Shopify brands who start to feel limited by the use of SaaS products because they are not customised to their reality

Why DataSquad?

We work backwards from a shared roadmap of use cases and build data products delivering tangible business value

We embrace the Lean methodology to deliver products in weeks instead of months or years (e.g. short iterative sprints, radical prioritisation focused on customer value)

Our data stack leverages modern cloud data-warehouses together with open source tools to ensure scalable and cost effective data solutions

Our Clients Say

"DataSquad played a key role in helping us scope and build a strategic data product for the company. Jaafar joined our team part-time as Data & AI Product Manager and was able to play the bridge between the Data Science team and the Product Management teams, allowing us to gain clarity on what needs to be done and take important decisions."

Blaz Mateljic, Senior Product Manager


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Give your team superpowers to make better decisions driven
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