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Analytics Engineering & Automation

Maintaining all of your data in a single environment is key to enable your team to have a comprehensive view of your business operations and customer interactions

Our Analytics Engineering team can help you create modern and automated data pipelines that will ingest and transform the data from your different data sources into a data model that will serve your analytics needs. 

Results: Higher operational efficiency and faster business discoveries.

Data Visualization & Communication

We help businesses put data in the hand of business users and build an insights culture at scale

We are partnering with the leading data visualizations platforms and our certified experts can help you develop analytics applications that will improve your business users relationship with Data & Analytics. 

ResultsIncreased Analytics usage rate by up to 3X.

Strategic Business Analytics

Strategic Analytics is about applying statistical knowledge and techniques to business context in order to enable smart and sustainable business decisions. It is the next step in your data journey to improve your business metrics.

Our Data Analytics team can help you improve both, operational and product metrics, using advanced analytics techniques and A/B testing. You can think of analyses like churn prediction, statistical customer segmentation, marketing attribution and time series forecasting.

Results: Improved customer experience and business performance

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